Tips for Starting a Profitable Home-Based Convection Business

Clothing is a basic human need. Day-to-day clothing changes in trends and functions. This makes the clothing / convection business a business that will never die. Although it is not a big opportunity, the clothing / convection business is in fact still a business opportunity that is still being pioneered by novice entrepreneurs. If you want to start a convection business with a little limited capital, then you can pay attention to the following tips for starting a home-based convection business.

Tips for Starting a Profitable Home-Based Convection Business

1. Prepare Capital

Every business needs capital, so does a convection business. Actually convection business capital depends on your preparation and strategy. If you want direct production (ready stock) of course you will need a large capital. But if you want to apply pre-orders (pre-orders) the required capital is not too large. Capital in making a convection business is usually used for production and promotion.

2. Define the Supplier

Things to consider in starting a convection business are suppliers. Suppliers consist of convection, tailor, printing, packaging, and clothing labels. This is actually adjusted to the budget and sales strategy that you take. Here are some tips on choosing a supplier,

Look for suppliers that are close to your business location, to reduce production costs;
Suppliers that are localized with other businesses or have services and products with supporting supplies. For example, a supplier who can sew as well as provide materials and screen printing;
Collaborate with suppliers that have a good reputation.
If you want to start everything from providing materials to sewing, of course you still need suppliers such as suppliers of sewing and printing equipment.

3. Determine the Type of Product

Initial preparation in the convection business is to determine the type of product that you make. You will produce clothing for men or women, children or adults, types of shirts or shirts. You must also pay attention to the requirements of your product. Is it for formal, casual, celebration, or uniform.

Determining the type of product will also determine the position of your product in the convection business competition. The type of product can also determine the branding and marketing strategy that you will do.

4. Build Trust and Product Branding

Like other businesses, opening a convection business also requires audience trust. Trust is built so that the reputation of the business can be well known to the audience. Trust can be built by creating content through promotional media such as blogs and Instagram. Collaborate with other companies or the media, and provide product knowledge and product evidence to the audience.

In addition to building trust, branding must also be built. Branding is built by making a logo, presenting a business vision, and also design content that is suitable for the type of product to be sold. Building branding is useful for increasing consumer awareness with your product.

5. Prepare Marketing Tools and Strategy

A good marketing strategy will affect your convection business. You can choose Business-to-business (B2B) sales in other words selling your product to an institution or company or Business-to-consumer (B2C) sales, ie sales to the general public. In the convection business, B2B can be in the form of selling uniforms and celebratory clothing. Meanwhile, your B2C can sell formal or casual clothing.

The marketing strategy also includes the tools that will be used. For example, you can use e-commerce software or a blog. You can also use social media like Instagram and Facebook by uploading content and photos of your products.

6. Observe Market Trends

A mistake that is often made by a convection businessman is not being able to read market trends. reading market trends, especially if you do business, convection is a must-do. because clothing from year to year is definitely experiencing a change in trend. For example, trends in t-shirts, in 2015 there were a lot of trends in Arabic shirts, while at the end of 2017, t-shirts that were written in Japan became a trend.

Reading the market situation, means you know the will and needs of consumers. Following the trend must also be accompanied by your idealism so that your product has an identity and can survive the competition in the convection business.

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